The “Cross My Heart” sweater wrap!

I am SO happy with the way this turned out. New favorite pattern from Wool and the Gang and it was a fast and fun knit! Simple concept but still unique construction. Biggest lesson learned? Don’t ever try to seam something that is Möbius strip like after a glass of wine. It. Just. Won’t. Work.
So here’s the step by step.

Lay it out flat. Drink coffee.

Twist once. Drink more coffee.

20131007-134818.jpgTwist again. Caffeinate. Breathe.

20131007-135016.jpgTurn pretzel fabric into this. For me, that meant putting it on and slipping it off to get it to lay right.


20131007-135356.jpgBut..I love it!! Super warm and cozy! I spent the afternoon on my SUP and then warmed up in my cozy wrap. Good times. Thanks Wool and the Gang!