Release the Fleece!

Let the process begin again!

This is a fascinating and humbling thing to take on. Yesterday I came home to a 6.5 lb pollyworth fleece I had ordered off eBay for $20. I realized very quickly that my first fleece, while still very dirty, had been skirted quite well.

This fleece is a whole new adventure of vegetable matter (VM) and i think a little organic matter (OM, but in my immature state I would call that BM).

Washed a small amount last night, but realized this morning it still needed quite a bit of skirting, so I picked through, gave it one more soak and spin and the water ran clear. Yeah!
Still some VM…but manageable.


And while that was soaking, I started spinning the pink fiber I processed from my first fleece. Pretty, huh? See what happens when you wake up at 4:30?


Car Spinning

20110510-062104.jpgThis was a new adventure for me–I’ve knit in the car, but never tried spinning before. We were headed back from Bend, OR, me armed with a new spindle and lots of fiber, and Barry with a good audio book..what more do you need? I honestly didn’t know if it would work, but there was a cool simplicity to the process that made for an amazing experience. First, you have to revert back to a “park and draft” style–especially if you are in a cute yellow beetle. Talk about tight quarters! The only part that really became uncomfortable was plying. I love that process, but I had to wonder if my husband found it annoying to have my arm reach in front of his face while he was navigating Tacoma traffic….

Now we’ll have to see if I can add this to my morning commute!