Release the Fleece!

Let the process begin again!

This is a fascinating and humbling thing to take on. Yesterday I came home to a 6.5 lb pollyworth fleece I had ordered off eBay for $20. I realized very quickly that my first fleece, while still very dirty, had been skirted quite well.

This fleece is a whole new adventure of vegetable matter (VM) and i think a little organic matter (OM, but in my immature state I would call that BM).

Washed a small amount last night, but realized this morning it still needed quite a bit of skirting, so I picked through, gave it one more soak and spin and the water ran clear. Yeah!
Still some VM…but manageable.


And while that was soaking, I started spinning the pink fiber I processed from my first fleece. Pretty, huh? See what happens when you wake up at 4:30?