Work~Life Balance

Sometimes we have to step out of the fast lane and just make things for was the case with my latest adventure.


My favorite parts about this project..

1. It was organic. In that, I mean I just moved with the flow and let it develop naturally at each stage. I wanted to dye the fleece I had washed and blend it on the carder. The picture above is grey wool, dyed in equal parts of purple, red, blue, and pink. It matches the flowers beautifully.

2. I didn’t follow a pattern, I just made what I needed for my alpine camping trip. Hat and mitts.

3. I love projects that fit within 4 ounces of fiber for quick fixes.

4. It’s so “me.”


So the question is…where to go next? Spin on!


Catching up!


K. I am WAY behind..but I have been spinning like crazy. My most recent thing has been mastering thick and thin yarn, and I think I’ve got it. The challenge is not over spinning..but the fun is how much yarn you can spin in a night. I have 4 more oz drying from last night’s movie spinning.

In the meantime, this project was uber fun. Love the little mitts I saw…but $30?? Really? These are handspun, easy design and very quick. Here’s the project notes:

Cast on 24.

Knit back and forth garter stitch for about two inches.

Join in the round. Knit about three inches.

Cast on 6 stitches and return to back and forth garter stitch. About 1 inch in, knit 2, bind off 2, knit to end. Next row, knit to bound off stitches, cast on two with backwards loop, knit to end.

Knit about three more rows. Bind off.

Finishing: Make the thumb hole by using the yarn tail to connect the top rows ( as if you we’re going to sew the garter edge shut) but just connect the top so you are left with a side hole for the thumb.

Sew on button of choice and weave in remaining end.

* To make opposite hands, simply do the extended cast on at the end of the row when you return to the garter stitch.

As the World Spins…

And tim20120520-171921.jpge flies. My year has been a blur, and blogging pretty much stopped when my mom was diagnosed with multiple myeloma. Somehow, a year has gone by, family things continued to occupy my mind and did my job. Fibery projects have been my peaceful place. I love my family and my job..but the creative outlet and meditative moments have kept me feeling like I am taking care of “me.”

I have so many updates that I don’t know where to start. First…my new wheel! I bought a Schacht Sidekick and the world of spinning has taken on a whole new life. I have even taken her spinning in public..along the beach in Seattle. My first time taking wheel out was to Alki Beach in Seattle. Being a tad introverted, I really wanted the experience of spinning outside in the sun, near the ocean (I mean, who wouldn’t?) but not the attention/questions it would generate. But.. I rationalize the Sidekick purchase by telling myself that I wanted to be more portable…so I had to do it.

The scarf/cowl in this picture is a result of my desire to create the perfect small spinning project designs. I’m actually going to go to the next step and write it out to publish it. For free, of will be my first published pattern so feedback and thoughts would be much appreciated!

The moral of the story for the past year is to treasure to the good things in life when times are hard.  You never know at the time how much it helps, but it does.

10 Yard Cuffs with retro buttons!

Being bit by the spinning bug means being mentally swamped by the potential project bug, at least in my world.  I tend to get really focused, and as per my past post, I’m spinning my way through some beautiful BFL and Angora fiber right now.  In fact, I had a hysterical dream that someone moved in next to us with a lawn full of angora rabbits…yep, I’m kinda into it.

But I digress.  Even with the spinning, I still like to knit on the way to work in the mornings.  I decided that the sparkly off white that I spun in my recent “car spinning” moment would make great 10 yard cuffs..a Leethal project that I’ve wanted to do.  They were so fast to knit that I did one and a half on during the 45 minute commute in..blocked one last night and sewed on buttons this morning.  The beauty of cuffs is that if you have two, that’s great, but for an artsy fashion statement you can get away with one or cleverly mismatched.  

Anywho, I’m sporting an awesome cuff with retro buttons (from my mom, no less) at work today.  Rock on.

PS.  Told my British hubby he better keep an eye on his cufflinks….I have an idea brewing.