Stress and creativity


Car spinning. Road trip to Portland. Much needed break. (P.S. Hubs is driving)

So, I am curious. When I am stressed, especially with work stuff, I tend to go into a mega creative zone. Other that long walks or running, my creative outlet is very much my stress therapy.

I some senses, it’s thinking time. In others, it’s a chance to have control when other areas feel a little out of control.

But here’s the thing. Not only is it therapeutic, but I truly enjoy it. I get into a really happy place and my creativity goes on hyperdrive. Yesterday I took a day off work, carder some art batts and spun my heart out! Here’s a look 7.5 ounces of fiber in different stages:

The batt in the middle is the 5th one I carded yesterday, all at about 1.5 ounces each. Here’s the recipe: BFL, recycled gold thread from a thrift store sweater, silk, merino, and alpaca from a local farm.

So how about you..does stress hinder or help your creative process?

Spin on!

10 Yard Cuffs with retro buttons!

Being bit by the spinning bug means being mentally swamped by the potential project bug, at least in my world.  I tend to get really focused, and as per my past post, I’m spinning my way through some beautiful BFL and Angora fiber right now.  In fact, I had a hysterical dream that someone moved in next to us with a lawn full of angora rabbits…yep, I’m kinda into it.

But I digress.  Even with the spinning, I still like to knit on the way to work in the mornings.  I decided that the sparkly off white that I spun in my recent “car spinning” moment would make great 10 yard cuffs..a Leethal project that I’ve wanted to do.  They were so fast to knit that I did one and a half on during the 45 minute commute in..blocked one last night and sewed on buttons this morning.  The beauty of cuffs is that if you have two, that’s great, but for an artsy fashion statement you can get away with one or cleverly mismatched.  

Anywho, I’m sporting an awesome cuff with retro buttons (from my mom, no less) at work today.  Rock on.

PS.  Told my British hubby he better keep an eye on his cufflinks….I have an idea brewing.

Car Spinning

20110510-062104.jpgThis was a new adventure for me–I’ve knit in the car, but never tried spinning before. We were headed back from Bend, OR, me armed with a new spindle and lots of fiber, and Barry with a good audio book..what more do you need? I honestly didn’t know if it would work, but there was a cool simplicity to the process that made for an amazing experience. First, you have to revert back to a “park and draft” style–especially if you are in a cute yellow beetle. Talk about tight quarters! The only part that really became uncomfortable was plying. I love that process, but I had to wonder if my husband found it annoying to have my arm reach in front of his face while he was navigating Tacoma traffic….

Now we’ll have to see if I can add this to my morning commute!