Knitting in Pieces

Okay, this is a strange thing to admit. For YEARs, I thought I didn’t like seaming. I avoided patterns that weren’t knit in the round. Big flat cardigan pieces were okay too..especially if the sleeves were drop shoulder, picked up stitches and knit in the round to to cuff.
Then I took a design class at Vogue Knitting Live, and we focused on based set-in sleeve (gasp) crew neck sweaters. I have avoided set-in sleeve patterns like no one’s business. Then I tried it and realized there are many cool advantages I have been missing.

1. Smaller knitted pieces fit better in knitting purses/bags for travel. (Like my “knitting on the ferry on my way to camping” picture above!
2. Smaller knitted pieces give a faster sense of accomplishment..
3. Seams are not hard. 😳😳😳 Check out this great tutorial
4. You can weave ends into the seams. I really liked that trick.
5. Seams provide a little more structure to the finished garment.

So there you have it..I’m converted! Still like my top down raglans, but this opens a whole new world of knitting fun!! How about you? Do you prefer knitting in the round or seaming?

Spin and knit on!

9 thoughts on “Knitting in Pieces

  1. I am so glad you are a convert! I find seaming to be very zen somehow. It’s this lovely thing you do at the end of a project that draws it all together. I get quite eager to have the opportunity.

  2. In the round! If you really like seams you should try EZ’s faux seams. They give structure without making one do the dreaded purl, or knit backward every other row.

    I love love love Jared Flood’s patterns because they’re all knitted in the round with clever short row shaping to make the back higher than the front, so you don’t spend all the time you’re wearing the sweater tugging it down from your throat. I have an Icelandic sweater I gave to my son for that very reason…doesn’t seem to bother him, but I felt like I was being strangled.

    • Oooh, those are good tips!!! I’ll have to look up EZ’s faux seams! And yes, I think I am addicted to Jared Flood’s style after the channel cardigan!!

  3. I have never understood the resistance to seaming, perhaps, a lack of familiarity with invisible seaming techniques? Seaming has a rhythm just like knitting. Think this is where knitters can take a lesson from those who sew and even from couture clothing — seams are a very good thing.

    • Totally agree!! Thanks for stopping by the blog, Ann! I just ordered my loft yarn for Arabella..can’t wait to cast’s a gorgeous pattern!

      • So pleased you like Arabellla! Loft (with it’s loft ;>) is the perfect yarn for this piece. I could go on and on about seams — longevity, structural integrity, definition, etc. This is why I love to teach seaming.

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