Channel Cardigan: Done!

This might be my favorite knit of all time. Seriously. The knitting was an endurance race, not a sprint, but that’s totally ok! I shared with you a few posts back about knitting by my mom’s bedside before she passed away, and as I thought..this is like a cozy hug reminding me of some beautiful moments.

The fit is amazing and I loved working with Shelter yarn. The yarn is a bit fragile to work with..if you pull it at all it breaks..but it does splice back together beautifully, which makes for fewer ends to weave in.

One of the tough things was finding a complimentary colored yarn to do the seaming. Once I found it the seams looked great..especially since the sewing yarn doesn’t really show..but a close match is still important.

I loved the pattern. Very engaging..and I didn’t feel the need (or distraction) to start another project. I think I finally got to the “ready to be done” stage when I was doing the collar.

I wore it to work today (I know, it’s June..) and was told it looked like an Anthroplogie sweater, but with a custom fit. Sweet compliment!

If you like a detailed project for a sweater that will be a heirloom type garment, this is a great pattern for you. Here’s the link on Ravelry.

Enjoy! Spin and knit on!

11 thoughts on “Channel Cardigan: Done!

  1. Leah, it is very chic and looks great on you. Good color and hey, sweaters in June in Ellensburg are not uncommon either! 🙂 Thanks for sharing. Jami

    • Ha! Thanks Jami!! So true..isn’t it great to get more use out of our knits? I’m actually working on my pattern for your area now-with wool from Socks!

  2. very beautiful indeed. I’m sorry about your mother passing away, it must be sad but at least you have good memories and spent precious time together in her last days. I lost mine long ago, and it is hard but memories are always with us – and you have a sweater which was made “together”.
    all the best ❤

    • Thank you..on both accounts. I think part of the joy of finishing this sweater was being able to share the entire experience with this community..people who get the connection that can occur between what we do and why we do it. I’m sorry about your mother as well..your words are encouraging. 🙂

  3. Hi, I am in search of a really great fiber vendor (spinning, felting, yarn, wool….) for the Shoreline Farmers Market, Saturdays through Oct 4th.
    Someone who could do a spinning or felting demo one day would also be cool. Maybe the same person….. maybe two different people.
    Any leads are appreciated. Thanks.

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