When Knitting is Beautiful: A Reflection

It’s been a while since my last post, and I’ve had a hard time gearing up for this one.

Today I’m not writing about how we create beautiful things, but why we feel drawn to it. Why creating with our hands and our hearts is nourishing to the mind and the spirit. Why there’s a peace that comes with the process that brings comfort and joy.

Over the past few months, I’ve mentioned that my mother has been battling cancer for three years. During the month of April, I had the opportunity to spend last few weeks of her life with her. The time we had together was filled with some of the most beautiful and difficult moments of my life, and I am so grateful for it.

Many of those moments, she would be asleep on the sofa and I would knit. Watching her breathe, praying for peace for her, sitting and thinking about the times we shared… I wouldn’t trade those quiet moments for anything. The picture above is a tiny glimpse of one of those moments. Her asleep, me knitting. Just silence, just us.

Knitting helps me to stay quiet and open during difficult times. When other things are beyond my control, I can take a stitch at a time and turn it into something beautiful..something forever bonded to the memory of that moment. When this sweater is done, I will always remember it for the time I had with Mom before she passed away..and for that I am grateful.

Knit on, my friends, knit on.

15 thoughts on “When Knitting is Beautiful: A Reflection

  1. Leah, thank you for sharing this heartfelt reflection. My mom died last year, and I too spent a lot of time knitting at her bedside in the final weeks. It helped. I pray that you will be gentle with yourself in the coming weeks. And knit.

    • Thank you..I really appreciate your kind thoughts. There’s something really comforting about those quiet moments. I’m glad you had that as well, despite the circumstances.

  2. Beautifully said. I’m so sorry for your loss, but glad to hear that you have these lovely memories.

  3. I’m sorry to hear the sad news about your mom, Leah. May those precious moments you shared with your mom remain with you as you finish that lovely sweater and each time you wear it. Peace and comfort to you in the days ahead.

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  5. I’m sorry for your loss – you had a great time with your mom during the final months at least. Never mind life after death, it’s the one before that we should spend well.

    • Thank you…even now it feel good to look back at those last several weeks with no regrets. Time well spent, for sure (and I just finished the sweater last night..such special memories attached to it!)

  6. I’ve just come across your blog and have been reading your posts. This one is, of course and without saying, beautiful and poignant. I’m glad you had your knitting while you spent those beautiful hours with your Mom. And, I’m glad that you have your lovely sweater to keep you ever mindful of those beautiful hours.
    Peace to you!

    • Thank you Judy, I appreciate that! This was a post that I hesitated about writing but now, even just a few months later, I’m so glad I did. Glad to have you in the blogging circle!

  7. A beautiful post and a beautiful sweater. I remember a time when my mother and I were similarly situated in that interstitial space between here and not here. Was your mother also a knitter? Mine was. And, although it has been 14 years since she died, I still think of her and feel her with me every time I knit.

    • Thank you for your kind thoughts! She was not a knitter..but she was a happy recipient of many knitted items. I’m sorry to hear about your loss as well..thanks for stopping by the blog and sharing!

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