WIP Wednesday

20140305-163113.jpg I love this cardigan..called Aisance from Quince and Co. And I am so excited to be going to Vogue Knitting Live in a week and a half that I decided I needed a highly motivating WIP to get me through the next few days. I’m also traveling for work for the next week so I have tons of airport and flying time. Not worth the Jetlag..but hey, at least I will be productive with my travel time!

I’m a little bit farther than this photo shows:

20140305-161634.jpg And I am really enjoying the pattern. I often forget though..how long it takes to get through the top and shoulders of a raglan piece! Sometimes that part feels like half the sweater!

Wonder if I will be closed to finished by the 15th…any bets?

What’s your current favorite WIP?

Spin and Knit On!

9 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday

  1. It’s lovely, I may be tempted myself if I weren’t so damn slow! For some reason I get stunted by the sleeves, whether I do them first or last.

      • Ha! It is dramatic with the longer front, isn’t it? You could omit the short rows so that the back is as long as the front but then you might…be…knitting…forever!

    • Oh, I still have a lot of knitting to do on this one!! Unless you thought the pic on top was me? In which case, you made my day…! 🙂 I wish I were as lovely as that model!!

  2. ooooh. I like that a lot. Although I don’t think I have any handspun that’s regular enough to make it shine. Good news is I have plenty of store-bought yardn…

    • Extra yarn..that’s always a good thing! I think handspun would be lovely..I didn’t gave enough either so I went for cascade 220 heathers that I had on hand..

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