Mo’ Mojo please!

20140128-145434.jpgSo here’s the scoop. I am not one of those bloggers who takes amazing pix of beautifully perfect FO’s. You know, the lovely blogs we all look at for inspiration..things that remind us why we love knitting so much. Nope, mine’s the real life, dropped stitch, “oops that seemed like a good idea at the time” sort of blog. This is one if those real life moments.

I have been so excited about this sweater! It’s all been planned in my head, I wove in the ends as I went along, I even told my husband in a quiet, confident whisper..this could be the coolest thing I have ever made.

I had to knit the start of the sleeves to see how it would fall on my body. Then I tried it on. Oh. My. Gosh. Not enough words or awkward pauses to say how yucky it was looking!! I put it down for two days..but not away. Away means “to the place of objects that will never get finished but I can’t throw it out.” No, “away” is not good.

I put it on the floor this morning. Determined. I frogged the top, down to the sleeves, did a three needle bind off for the shoulders and started an arm. There’s hope..I tried it on and the fit was soooo muchhhh better. I think it has been saved, but now I will need to add a collar. Once I finish the sleeves, I will post it and ask for collar ideas. But here’s where we stand now..and imagine that it’s blocked.

So yeah..welcome to my world of trial and error! And thanks for the mojo!

11 thoughts on “Mo’ Mojo please!

  1. This is pretty much my method of sweater knitting even though I’ve made a few by now. Right now I have the WEIRDEST idea in my head – but I still want to make it! Luckily I’m getting old enough to get away with just being the eccentric cat lady over in the next field….

  2. Well Leah, I had one of those moments just last week…I am now undoing a complete cardigan. Hated the way the color looked on me :0( … m.

  3. Wow, this a brave project and there is nothing more satisfying than knitting from your handprocessed (sheep to sweater!).
    When in doubt, I like selective oversizing (big sleeves!). “Slouchy” has been my way of making things work when handpsun gets tricky. But I am always on the look out for nice patterns I could use single skeins of my hanspun on .

  4. Good for you! I make plenty of mistakes too… I have a tag for ‘user error’ on my blog 🙂 I think it’s being able to work out what to do next when you have those heart sinking moments that is true skill for most of us!

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