Send me some knitting mojo!

A while back I posted that I wanted to make a sweater out of handspun, preferably out of wool that I have processed. I’ve done a vest that way, but somehow a sweater seemed daunting.
Then I had a serious “aha” moment. I was focusing on spinning just one type of yarn for a sweater, and I realized that I have lots of single skeins from one-off spinning moments and experiments. And.. I had enough of one similar color family to go for it.

Then I decided I wanted a simple, free form, artsy fartsy make it up as you go sweater. So I did a gauge swatch with size 13 needles to get a good drape (all the yarns are approximately Aran weight) and cast on!
I’m making a rectangle cardi. I’ll split for sleeves soon, then finishing off the back and sides, and do the sleeves as drop shoulder in natural cream colored yarn.
I processed and spun all of the yarns from raw fleece (except the one at the top of the pic with the shell beads spun in-I bought that roving and spun the beads in) and added sari silk and sparkle into the light purple one on the bottom.
Here’s a better close-up:

So I’m thinking I can crank out the rest of the back this weekend. Can ya send me some love? A full cardi like this will be a major milestone for me!!

Happy Friday and Spin On!

19 thoughts on “Send me some knitting mojo!

    • Thanks Valerie!! I can’t wait to see what you do I am testing the waters with a design that’s basically a rectangle..and when I look at your designs it blows my mind!!

      • It’s not as hard as you think. Many of my designs start as rectangles!

        I had a question about the yarn you spun for me. What inspired you with the yarn as well what flowers grow on the coast there along the beach. Anything particular that the skeins remind you of? I think I am going to do a West Coast theme as it would suit the yarn and the Artist who spun it!!

      • Hi Valerie!

        Those yarns were particularly inspired by the coastline at Lincoln Park, which is where I tend to hang out and knit a lot. I’ve actually taken my wheel down there too! The lighter grey was my sea glass inspired yarn..lots of grey rocks with specks of sea glass shoeing through. The other yarn is based on the various shades of grey in the Seattle skyline mixed with bright wildflower..which is usually quite breathtaking!

      • Thanks Leah, I will use this inspiration in my design. What is the wild flower you are speaking of, I would love to see it and maybe add some to the piece. 🙂 Thanks again, can’t wait to work with your lovely yarns.

  1. I’m a couple days behind but I am now sending positive mojo over to your house via my muse Ellie… she promised me she would go straight over, no stops, no quick little side trips like muses are so often prone to… so my friend, some positive mojo is on it’s way right now!

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