Spinning for the sake of spinning..

20131120-134200.jpgI love sitting at my wheel and filling a bobbin. Honestly, it is just as enjoyable if it’s a lace weight, art yarn, standard two ply worsted..there is just something really beautiful about a full bobbin of freshly spun yarn.

In fact, one of the more difficult parts for me is deciding what technique to use for the final product. For the skein above, I was going to do supercoils..but at the last minute I decided it needed to be a Navajo ply.

Then there’s these skeins:

20131120-134409.jpg I wanted to spun a really even uber thick single, which requires a steady zen-like spinning technique..at least for me.

I’m taking an online course to dig in deeper to art yarns, and the initial phase is all about exploring what types of yarn you like to spin the most. I’m having a hard time deciding because depends on what is inspiring me at the moment.

I rarely spin a yarn for a specific project…the idea will come to me while I am in the spinning process. And, sometimes it’s just yarn for the sake if making that be the “something beautiful.”

How about you? Do you spin for a purpose or for the yarn as the final outcome?

Spin on!

5 thoughts on “Spinning for the sake of spinning..

  1. Gorgeous yarns, and I’ve always felt like thick singles require EXACTLY that. I never spin for a purpose. My experience is that even when I do, the yarn often becomes something else in the end.

  2. I have guiltily been neglecting my spinning learning for weaving, which I always said I would never get involved with! LOL! Never say never! I really need to take a class or two for spinning because I’m having trouble with the ratio thing relative to the type of yarn you want to spin. I have fallen in love with making shawls so it follows that I love spinning lace weight yarns. I have to admit though, if I’m going to be brutally honest, I haven’t experienced other types of spinning yet… really need those hands on classes. I have DVD’s for learning to spin but I think I’m at the point where I need someone by my side who can guide me with what I’m doing wrong, or right. I love that first yarn you spun – did you dye it yourself? Lovely colors… that’s next on my list once I can get consistent yarn… start dyeing my own yarns. Oh so much yarn and so little time… LOL!

    • Hi Beth! Thanks! I did not dye this yarn..I’m still working on my dyeing skills too!
      With the spinning, the best advice I got was to make it a constant thing every day–even just 15 minutes. After a while, the ratios really do make sense intuitively..you get a feel for it. The other pointer that was really helpful fir me was to consciously treadle slower, which can really give you more control.
      But weaving is super addictive too..and a great way to use all the yarn you spin. I am constantly amazed at how different a yarn looks woven compared to knitting. Both are beautiful, but the different looks are amazing!

      • thanks Leah! I’ll try the slower treadling, and yes, everyday practice is so important and I haven’t been doing it… got to get back to it! OMGosh, weaving is so addictive, who knew?! LOL! I agree, isn’t incredible how different yarn looks woven as opposed to knit or even crocheted?! One thing I have noticed is that weaving takes up much less yarn than knitting and crocheting…another amazing factoid 😀 (love that word and rarely get to use it, lol!)
        Hugs and stay warm,
        Beth P

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