Oliver, spinning, weaving…so much going on!

So…my blogging has been a little slow because of this sweet distraction.

Can you blame me? Oh. My. Gosh. Meet Oliver, my new little sidekick. He’s 5, a rescue, and a mix of Shitzu and Maltese. He’s like a cuddly teddy bear. I confess I have missed a few spinning evenings because he’s brand new to us and I couldn’t stop holding him!
Stay tuned for more Ollie stories… But for now, back to spinning, knitting and weaving!

Fall colors…and a cabled yarn.
If I had to choose my favorite type of art yarn to spin, it would be yarn with beads in it. I’m fascinated with the combination of yarn colors and textures with various beads..and the possibilities are endless! This yarn is a 4 played cable, which was tons of fun, but I worked beads in like this:

20131118-184252.jpg It’s a pretty simple technique and I love having the beads spun directly onto the yarn. I’ll write up the pattern soon–it’s a very simple cowl that makes a sweet neck warmer–and with the beads, who needs a necklace?
My other big project was a shawl I wove for my mom..she requested one large enough to wrap around while sitting on the sofa watching a movie or reading, but not a bulky as a blanket. I think she’ll enjoy it! I do love weaving..it’s such a different stride from spinning and knitting. I just have to get over the whole warping thing..not my favorite part! But still..a fun project! Spin on!!


7 thoughts on “Oliver, spinning, weaving…so much going on!

  1. He’s so cute! I love dogs. I’ve got 4, 2 are Jack Russels and 2 are mutt terriers.

    Love those colors! One day I want to try weaving. First I want to master knitting. :-p

    I also love spinning beads. I’ve only done it twice, I’m still learning. I’ve used seed beads for just a touch of sparkle, so far. I’m going to work my way into using tiny shells and some day, feathers! I’m also thinking about trying duck down for something different.

    There are so many posiblities with spinning. (sigh)

    • You have had such a great journey with your spinning!! You’re right..the possibilities are endless!! And be careful..once you’ve been bitten by the weaving bug..there’s no turning back!
      I love Jack Russell Terriers.. How fun!!

  2. What a lovely little face – hope you get many wonderful years together!

    How wide is the shawl? I’m considering a RH loom for projects like that.

    • Thanks you! He is such a sweetie!

      I have a 24″ RH, which I highly recommend. You can still make small scarves, but you have the ability to go wide enough for a shawl. At some point I will get a second heddle, which will allow me to do almost twice the width.

      I do love it though..very good investment!

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