The “Cross My Heart” sweater wrap!

I am SO happy with the way this turned out. New favorite pattern from Wool and the Gang and it was a fast and fun knit! Simple concept but still unique construction. Biggest lesson learned? Don’t ever try to seam something that is Möbius strip like after a glass of wine. It. Just. Won’t. Work.
So here’s the step by step.

Lay it out flat. Drink coffee.

Twist once. Drink more coffee.

20131007-134818.jpgTwist again. Caffeinate. Breathe.

20131007-135016.jpgTurn pretzel fabric into this. For me, that meant putting it on and slipping it off to get it to lay right.


20131007-135356.jpgBut..I love it!! Super warm and cozy! I spent the afternoon on my SUP and then warmed up in my cozy wrap. Good times. Thanks Wool and the Gang!

23 thoughts on “The “Cross My Heart” sweater wrap!

  1. I should get started on the really bulky yarns, maybe I could finish my knits…. Is it seamed horisontally across your shoulderblades too, or do you have to wrap it every time?

    • I have to admit, these are pretty satisfying projects! Yes, the seam goes across the back as well, so it’s very simple to wear. I really love it…might even make another one in a different color!

    • Thanks! I did use their yarn..and loved it!!!! The kit is worth it, IMHO. High quality yarn and a really fun/practical design. I kinda want to make another in a bright color now. Interesting point though. I made the small cuz it needs to fit snugly and only needed 3 balls of yarn. I had enough left over to get to a medium. The kit comes with 4 balls, so it might be worth asking them if you can order with three if you think you are a small or medium.

      • Thanks, good to know! I’m generally a medium. That’s so awesome, I really want to get the kit. Did it take long to ship since they are international?!

      • If you request DHL, it’s really fast. I has one order that way and it came within a week. My second order was “regular mail” and it got lost. They were really fast at resending it, but they went back to DHL. Really love their quality and style though–fun stuff!

  2. I would really like to give this a try on my own – with out the pattern. Can you tell me how long the piece is and how wide??? Thanks!

  3. Great – I thought a linen stitch was done with an even number of stitches – this is a modification I have not heard of. Thanks

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