I love flying..

20131004-084149.jpgAirport knitting rocks. I always get there to the airport early, get my coffee, and have a travel project cued up. Knitting with a paper pattern means I can knit during take off, taxiing, etc., and I honestly don’t care how long it takes.
I’m not a chatty flier, so I tend to put earphones in even if there’s no music πŸ™‚ because I like being in my own space. But I have had two knitting and flying stories worth repeating.
The first was hilarious. I was knitting a shrug with some handspun I had made that had about 20% angora in it. The guy next to me started sneezing, but I didn’t put two and two together until he opened the window shade and the sunlight streamed across my lap. I was sitting in a cloud of angora fluff that was floating around me as I knit peacefully away! I did apologize..but wow. How do you recover from that???
The second was a sweet story. The woman next to me was also quiet, but at the end of the flight, she asked what I was making. We chatted for a few, and then she got teary and said “My mother used to knit like that, and watching you brought up such good memories of her.” It warmed my heart to see her smile like that.
So, you never know the blessing you can be passing on..even when you don’t mean to!
Spin (and knit) on!

10 thoughts on “I love flying..

  1. I’ve avoided taking knitting with me when flying as I’ve been afraid with heightened security I might lose my project. Obviously, you haven’t had any problems at security:)

    • Hi there! You know, I have never had a problem, and I travel a lot with my job both in the US and to countries in Africa and Latin America, and it’s always been fine. Kinda crazy, cuz they are sharp objects, but it’s been 100% ok!

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