Project Update and request for opinions!

So..I am on my way down the path to knitting a sweater from a fleece that I process. I completed a vest a few weeks back, and now I am finishing my first sweater from my handspun. My next sweater will be 100% raw fleece processed and handspun/knit. But first…I bought some beautiful BFL that is a blend of natural colors and spun some beads into the first 200 yards for the yoke. Here’s a progress pic:

and a closer look at the beaded yarn (cuz I love it)…

And now my plea for your opinions. I thought I wanted short sleeves, but when I finished the first one, I really didn’t like it. I’m thinking 3/4 length sleeves so it feels more sweater-like. BUT..I can’t decide how to finish the cuffs.
Do I:
a) Match the current border of the sweater?
b) Try garter stitch again?
c) Do a 1×1 rib?
d) Insert your idea here!

Thank you so much and spin on!

11 thoughts on “Project Update and request for opinions!

  1. Is there something about the cuff the way it is now that you don’t like? (I think it looks cute)

    When I recently finished my featherweight cardigan with half sleeves I did garter like I had around the edge of the body, and it flared horribly. I decreased the last round of knit with 8 stitches (lace yarn), but it still looked big and weird in garter. So I ended up doing seed stitch which didn’t look too different from the other edge at least in my yarn and colour. Still with the 8 st. decrease.

    Garter just takes up a lot more space compared to stockinette.

    I think the lacy part of your sweater would be too much for the sleeves for me at least. But if you like it, it would not look silly, it’s just my personal thing.

    • Thx! My husband said the same thing about the lace part! I like the seed stitch thought..the flare on the garter did bug me. Super appreciate you weighing in!

  2. I like the idea of the 3/4 length sleeve. And I like the idea of echoing the lace on the hem on the sleeves. What about knitting a lace edging that you then fold up and fasten with an attractive button?

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