20130813-190644.jpgThis is not just a picture of supercoils. This is a picture of (invisible) me being ecstatic because I don’t have a tangled, overspun, frustrating bundle of supercoil wannabe.
My first attempts at supercoilling have been challenging, to say the least. The core gets over-spun and I have tried LOTs of tricks to balance it..but with no luck..until now.

Add the little spindle. Sarah Anderson talks about the wrap and roll method, so I had to try it. I started last night, and while it worked, I think I got about a foot done in an hour. Not. Sustainable. Without. Hurting. Someone.

This morning? Much better. Could be that my beverage of choice was coffee instead of beer (that was last night), but suddenly both hands were spinning independently and I was supercoilling! And talking, and drinking coffee without missing a beat!

Look how fine and even it is!! I am super stoked. Hoping to finish tonight and post drying pix tomorrow!

Spin on..!

12 thoughts on “SUPERcoils!!!!

  1. So the trick to supercoilsl is counterweight? That’s interesting. I haven’t tried supercoils yet, I’m still in love with beading. But I WILL remember this trick when I get there.

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