Handspun socks are where it’s at…(even in July)


A lot (and I mean a LOT) of my projects are for camping and outdoors activities. In fact, I am in the process of working on a thin and durable hiking sock..but that’s another post. This pair of socks made me really happy because:

I knit them while camping/sitting at the beach
There’s no pattern..just the perfect fit for my feet.
I LOVE the cuffs.

Sometimes I don’t like busy patterns with variegated yarns…the colors themselves are enough design. But then there’s the cuffs…and I do like a little flair.

This pattern is a toe up, figure 8 cast on, fleegle heel, and picot edge for the cuffs. Simple but pretty. I did figure out a trick for the heels though. I was always trying to knit to the exact point where the foot/shin connect, but my socks were a tad too long. Now I stop just about 1/2 before and the heel is nice and snug. Simple, easy wins are great. Gotta enjoy them!


8 thoughts on “Handspun socks are where it’s at…(even in July)

  1. I love these! I’m not much of a sock knitter but I hope to be soon. I always get SSS after I finish the first. I’m going to try the 2 at once magic loop thing soon 🙂

  2. The picot cuffs are a nice touch for an otherwise vanilla sock. Apart from the fun, unvanilla colors.

    I’ve never knitted socks from my handspun. I don’t trust myself to spin something smooth and regular enough. I’m worried there will be little microscopic irregularities that would irritate my feet. So ridiculous.

  3. I love those socks! I have yet to make yarn from my spinning, well, I have singles that are waiting to be plied but I haven’t attempted plying yet… newbie that moves cautiously and sort of slowly. I also have yet to attempt knitting a sock… It’s on my list though! LOL!

    • Plying is one of the best parts of spinning..I love it! And simple socks are really awesome…fun to knit and you can be really creative!

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