I feel like a spider..

The other day I spun what I hoped would be fine yarn but it was still thicker than I had hoped. So, I resolved to try to spin as thin as I could with this next batch of fiber. This is a pic in progress..


..and I felt like I was spinning thread. I put a LOT of twist in it and planned on Navajo plying. But not having spun this fine before..I had no idea how well that would go and I didn’t want to do the full 4 oz and have a disaster on my hands. Besides, it took me two days to spin the first piece, which was .8 oz.

So I plied it, and I gotta admit..it was a dream! Fun, delicate and smooth. I was slightly shocked, to be honest!

Here’s a pic straight off the niddy noddy, with the orifice hook to give some perspective. Navajo ply, .8 oz, 112 yards. Bam!


Spin on and happy weekend!

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