How much do you spin at once?

I am a short burst spinner. I like to spin two bobbins with an ounce each, then ply and let it dry. That usually can be done in an evening and then I can get to the knitting faster :-).

Over the past few days, I did something totally different for me…but something I see on many of the blogs I follow. I grabbed a beautiful 4 oz braid of roving, spun as thin as I could (I have some work to do on that..) and Navajo plied it.

4 oz on a bobbin:


And my pretty yarn. 220 yards..a good sport weight for socks.


So, now I am curious. How much do you spin at a time?

Spin on!

8 thoughts on “How much do you spin at once?

  1. Lovely yarn! How much I spin depends on the project, but I generally prefer to cram my bobbins full. I could see myself spinning all the singles for a sweater, then have a ply-day.

  2. I am not a fast spinner, since I tend to focus on one project at a time, and in the summer I sew, and sew. Spinning tends to wait for me until the Autumn and Winter months, when I don’t sew as much and I am able to relax with my fiber. The yarn is just lovely by the way :0) m.

  3. I tend to spin a bunch all at once or over a few days. I like to let my singles sit on the bobbins or on storage bobbins for a few days or weeks and don’t usually ply them right away.

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