I am a Frogger..

Wow. I have to admit this publicly. I can commit to a project, but if I don’t LOVE it, or something doesn’t feel just right, I will rip it out with no regrets.

Anyone else like that?

Take my current quest, for example. A few weeks ago, I posted my thoughts on going from fleece to sweater. I thought that with the first bag of wool, I would do something smallish, like a vest or shawl. Then, with the lamb’s wool locks (which is so soft it’s amazing) I would do the sweater.

On my trip to the UK, I started the Hiker’s Waistcoat. Hated it. After about three inches, rippit..rippit..you get the picture. Then I decided just a simple cabled vest. Made it to four inches. Yup. R-I-P.

Then I started the shawl from Lee Meredith’s site, got to the last part..literally the trim..and out it went, to the knitted WIP graveyard.

I saw this vest on Knitty. LOVE…

But I didn’t want grey. By now, I had spun the right amount for the vest, right gauge, so I dyed it a beautiful cobalt blue. I’m in. No more frogging.


And while I knit this I will be spinning my lamb’s wool..enough for a sweater that I don’t frog, right?

Spin on!

8 thoughts on “I am a Frogger..

  1. Are you like that when it comes to reading books too? I only ask because i have to finish a book and i have not yet not finished a project. I somewhat envy you…. Love the colour of ypur yarn.

  2. Am with you on frogging. Have finished past projects I didn’t quite like and never wore them. Would rather frog sooner than later. LOVE the cobalt blue!

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