Home sweet home..


Spinning in public in the town of Looe..awesome memory.
But wow. Jet lag + work + travel for work = really interfering with my blogging! I still have so much knitting and fiber stuff to write about from this trip. But after the cleaver situation this week, I am glad not to be in London. My condolences to my new British blogging friends..what a difficult thing to process.

I loved my trip and time in the UK. The English countryside really is magnificent, and I loved walking through the streets of London. I found this amazing book when I was in Polperro that had local guernsey designs, and that is part of my inspiration for a new knitting project.

We also flew through Iceland and has a short amount of time in the airport to wander through the shop that sold sweaters knit from Icelandic wool. Again..I fell in love with local design.

So with all that on my mind, I couldn’t decide where to start, but I wanted to be knitting, so I started knitting a shawl pattern from one of my favorite indie designers, Lee Meredith. She has a great eye for creativity and patterns that have very clever construction. I am cranking away at this with my grey handspun until I can decide what sweater to begin. I got such great advice from all of you and I am totally in for “fleece to sweater!”

But now..four ounces of peaceful spinning when I got home last weekend.


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