Stress and creativity


Car spinning. Road trip to Portland. Much needed break. (P.S. Hubs is driving)

So, I am curious. When I am stressed, especially with work stuff, I tend to go into a mega creative zone. Other that long walks or running, my creative outlet is very much my stress therapy.

I some senses, it’s thinking time. In others, it’s a chance to have control when other areas feel a little out of control.

But here’s the thing. Not only is it therapeutic, but I truly enjoy it. I get into a really happy place and my creativity goes on hyperdrive. Yesterday I took a day off work, carder some art batts and spun my heart out! Here’s a look 7.5 ounces of fiber in different stages:

The batt in the middle is the 5th one I carded yesterday, all at about 1.5 ounces each. Here’s the recipe: BFL, recycled gold thread from a thrift store sweater, silk, merino, and alpaca from a local farm.

So how about you..does stress hinder or help your creative process?

Spin on!

12 thoughts on “Stress and creativity

  1. It hinders my knitting. I get knitting stupid. It certainly does the creative overdrive with spinning though, just as you describe. It also seems to give me something to think about when I am away from my fiber and feeling stress. I start to calm down and think about what I am going to create next and how I am going to pull that particular project off.

    • Thank you!! I’m really happy with the way the it blended! It’s nice to have something productive come out of stress, hmm? Good side benefit!

  2. It kind of depends. Sometimes stress knitting and spinning is incredibly productive for me. And sometimes I think it would have been better for me to go outside and hit tree trunks with a stick.

  3. I think stress helps me but it depends on what the stress is. But, wow, that’s some gorgeous fiber and yarn you made!! Do you card using hand careers or with a drum carder? I’d love to start making my own batts and was thinking my big purchase next year may be a drum carder.

    • Thank you!!I started with hand carders, but didn’t get the effect I wanted. It took me a while to get a drum carder, but I am SO glad I did. I got a brother with medium teeth because the price was good and the reputation was as well. I love it..good first time carder purchase!

  4. I can say that stress makes me want my yarn more. These days I get stressed out because there is so much to do at work and at home that I just want to hide somewhere with my hooks and needles and pretend I don’t have five different to-do lists. Unfortunately, some of those lists ARE yarn-project related so I have this horrible self-feeding loop of stress.

    • It’s funny how it can shift from being a distraction to something on the list..for me that’s things like “warping my loom,” which are part if the process but not as creatively fun

  5. Spinning is good for me when I’m stressed, but I don’t always feel like doing it then. Spinning also helps me if I’m in a rut on other projects, nice little tool to get thought flowing.

    • That’s interesting..same for me in regards to spinning. If I am really stressed, (or tired from stress), my mind might feel like it but my body is done for the day!

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