Food and Fiber

I know, this is primarily a spinning blog. But..I love food, so sometimes that might enter the picture as well. Like this:

This was an idea I got from Pinterest when it first came out..and it became part of my normal routine. Brilliant concept for those of us who work full time, want to eat healthy at lunch, hate hassles, and don’t want to spend $$ that could go to other important things (like fiber!)

Simple. Dressing goes on the bottom, then you layer with heaviest things first. Greens go on top and stay fresh cuz no liquid hits them. When it’s lunchtime, shake the jar like crazy and dump it out on a plate (larger that you would imagine), and you have a beautiful, lettuce on the bottom, fully dressed salad! Yum!!

Okay, back to fiber. I have a post in my brain to write soon about what I have learned in the self taught raw-fleece-to-drum-carder-to-yarn process, but I will save that for another day. Besides, I think I still have some lessons to go!

In the meantime, this is uber exciting to me. Beautiful fleece, and it actually washed up white!!! I am going to spin some bouclĂ© with it this weekend. Can’t wait!!


4 thoughts on “Food and Fiber

  1. I’ve had one good experience and one bad one with fleece buying. The first one I had was great, and the trick was that it was really well skirted. The second one I got off ebay for$20, and it was so dirty that even after trying to wash it I couldn’t get it to look clean. We live in a small 2 bedroom condo, so I can’t get too crazy…
    The washing has been great with a well skirted fleece. I put it in my top loading washing machine, fill with hot, soak for 15 min, go straight to spin cycle, and then repeat the whole process. I think it took my four cycles to get this one clean, but I did it while doing other things around the house, and I only washed half the fleece.. (PS. There are way better explanations out there…this is a bit abbreviated!)
    I ordered the fleece I really like from a seller on ETSY, MMFWool. But in a few weeks I’m going to my first fleece sale..whee!! I really want to buy locally, and it’s taking some research to do that.

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