My husband is an awesome man, who happens to be Bri’ish. When we got married (almost five years ago!) he was slowly immersed into a world that requires calling out “sheep” when we pass them on a drive or stopping at random alpaca farms cuz they are so darn cute.

When we first met, I laughed because he pronounced my name “Leah” as “Le-er.” So why was it any sort of surprise when he was talking about the “alpacker farm” that we saw on our bike ride? I love it. Hubs, you rock.

Speaking of Hubs, we are off for our first camping trip of the year, and this time my sidekick is along for the weekend. Packed and ready to go.


I am sure I’ll have a mid weekend post with me spinning next to the Puget Sound and the Olympic mountains in front of me..can’t wait!!

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