Adventures in Fleece, Pt 2

So, I went from this…


To this.


With very little pain but a lot of learnings!! I am über excited to have washed, dyed, carded, spun and knit my first actual fleece!! It’s not perfect, but it’s pretty darn awesome.

Notes to self:
I’ve been spinning a lot of art yarn, so bumps and slubby bits are pretty.
Short fibers (less than 2 inches) are not the best for my first few attempts.
Less fiber at a time might give me better QC.
Drum carders have lots of pokey bits.
I LOVE the’s very gratifying.
Lanolin is kinda cool.

14 thoughts on “Adventures in Fleece, Pt 2

    • I think I was lucky..tried it once with koolaid too, and it worked well. I didn’t heat it to boiling though, and I let it cool overnight and rinsed in lukewarm temps. Guess I will stick with that method! 🙂

  1. Ahhh, a fellow fanatic! I just bought some beautiful BFL and BFL Border Leicster Cross Fleeces. four out of five are clean and so my adventure with skirting and cleaning awaits. (I kind of went crazy when faced with all that wooly goodness, but they are tiny little fleeces. Most less than a kilogram) Love your blog.

  2. It’s a very long, rewarding road! Tomorrow I’ll be dyeing the fleece I helped to shear last weekend. I use a steam canner…that way the jars are closed and it’s hands off – I can’t mess with the fiber while it’s in the process of dyeing. I’ll be updating and you can see it on my blog:

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