Catching up!


K. I am WAY behind..but I have been spinning like crazy. My most recent thing has been mastering thick and thin yarn, and I think I’ve got it. The challenge is not over spinning..but the fun is how much yarn you can spin in a night. I have 4 more oz drying from last night’s movie spinning.

In the meantime, this project was uber fun. Love the little mitts I saw…but $30?? Really? These are handspun, easy design and very quick. Here’s the project notes:

Cast on 24.

Knit back and forth garter stitch for about two inches.

Join in the round. Knit about three inches.

Cast on 6 stitches and return to back and forth garter stitch. About 1 inch in, knit 2, bind off 2, knit to end. Next row, knit to bound off stitches, cast on two with backwards loop, knit to end.

Knit about three more rows. Bind off.

Finishing: Make the thumb hole by using the yarn tail to connect the top rows ( as if you we’re going to sew the garter edge shut) but just connect the top so you are left with a side hole for the thumb.

Sew on button of choice and weave in remaining end.

* To make opposite hands, simply do the extended cast on at the end of the row when you return to the garter stitch.

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