Can this fiber be saved?

Heinous.  Yep..that’s the word that came to mind when I looked at one of my recent dye jobs.  That thought was followed by a word salad of images that represent screaming orange. Coast guard. Creamsicle on speed.  Blast area.  Lifesaver. Clockwork Orange. Ugly.  Can’t deal.

I entertained two schools of thought.

1. Overdye it.  Risk felting, but just can’t get worse.  Unfortunate, I’ve tested that theory.  It can.

2.  Trash it.  I’ve spent too much time working on projects when it went wrong in the beginning because I’m stubborn.  I don’t like waste.  And, this was six ounces..more than my normal four ounces for dye jobs.

I left it hanging in the bathroom, partially due to denial and partially because I love watching my husband try to say something nice about it.  He was quiet.

However, this weekend, I discovered hand carding.  I have a totally different project I am working on, and Orange Heinousness kept hanging out, appearing to get brighter with age. I decided to try carding it…and much to my surprise, it shifted from bold and blinding to the salmon color I had been aiming for.  I have a lot of carding to do, but the color is more subtly vibrant (that’s today’s oxymoron, in case you are wondering).

Wish me to card some more!

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