As the World Spins…

And tim20120520-171921.jpge flies. My year has been a blur, and blogging pretty much stopped when my mom was diagnosed with multiple myeloma. Somehow, a year has gone by, family things continued to occupy my mind and did my job. Fibery projects have been my peaceful place. I love my family and my job..but the creative outlet and meditative moments have kept me feeling like I am taking care of “me.”

I have so many updates that I don’t know where to start. First…my new wheel! I bought a Schacht Sidekick and the world of spinning has taken on a whole new life. I have even taken her spinning in public..along the beach in Seattle. My first time taking wheel out was to Alki Beach in Seattle. Being a tad introverted, I really wanted the experience of spinning outside in the sun, near the ocean (I mean, who wouldn’t?) but not the attention/questions it would generate. But.. I rationalize the Sidekick purchase by telling myself that I wanted to be more portable…so I had to do it.

The scarf/cowl in this picture is a result of my desire to create the perfect small spinning project designs. I’m actually going to go to the next step and write it out to publish it. For free, of will be my first published pattern so feedback and thoughts would be much appreciated!

The moral of the story for the past year is to treasure to the good things in life when times are hard.  You never know at the time how much it helps, but it does.

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