What a Calamity!

Dear Designers:
I love you all, but…please..please..do not use words that could imply impending doom when naming your projects.  Could it be that I was jinxed from the start?
A Faithful Knitteress

The Story

I’m all in favor of living the life of strong and exciting women though our knitting.  As strange as that sounds, I’m knitting a Boleyn Shawl right now, so obviously I’m on a theme here with female protagonists.  But when I started Calamity Jane, I thought my struggle would be the lacy-ness of it.  I was surprised when I found the lace challenging and fun (“fun” is not usually the word that follows “challenging” with my lace attempts) and was convinced I would make it through–especially with the great lace pointers I got through twitter and the blog post below.

As I was knitting, I was innocently thinking that I had SO much yarn..I might make it bigger.  The yarn was my own handspun and dyed superwash BFL..4 oz, and everything was going swimmingly.

Until I started the bottom border.  Which I lOvEd.  Great pattern and wonderful way to finish an awesome design.  Until..about…1/3..of the way through and my remaining yarn supply was dwindling fast. So fast it was almost evaporating.

I took this picture, but I couldn’t even blog about it, I was so distressed.  There was NO way I was going to finish with the yarn I had left.  I ordered more BFL and tried to dye it, but..yep..I’d used the last of the dye already and could not find that color again.  I toyed with doing the border a slightly different (but intentional) hue.  I procrastinated.  I put words between “calamity” and “Jane” that would best not be repeated.  I stared at it and thought it might suddenly seem possible to finish.  I started Boleyn.  I wove two scarves.  I cleaned my bathroom.  Nothing changed.

So, last night, I frogged the border and finished it with a plain jane garter stitch trim.  Will anyone ever notice?  No.  Is it still pretty?  Yep.  But I hereby resolve not to download another pattern that makes my instincts go on edge by the name.

Blocking, happy, finished..but what a calamity!

5 thoughts on “What a Calamity!

  1. Ok..that would make me a “cranky knitter” too! I’m not sure I could maintain my pleasant disposition if this happened to me very often!

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