Help me keep loving this!

At this very moment, I’m loving knitting lace.  Goal of this post?  To find ways to keep me in this happy place.  I’m  knitting Calamity Jane and it’s (almost) my first lace project.  About 7 years ago, as a relatively new knitter, I tackled Cozy and while it’s a beautiful pattern and I did finish it, it was only because I’m ridiculously stubborn and refuse to quite anything.  In other words, the shawl was pretty, but I was not.

I’m totally enjoying this new start at lace, and I really want to keep loving it.  Through “cozy” I learned the value of lifelines and stitch markers.  I remember how painful a skipped YO can be, and oyyyyy what it feels like to take out Sl1 K2tog PSSO stitches.

I’m using my handspun bfl, and’s..dreamy…and..soft…

Sorry.  Got carried away.  Here’s my request.  Right now I’m doing a stitch count check halfway through each row and again at the end.  That seems tedious but totally okay if it keeps me sane and happy.  What other tips can you lace enabling people give me?  It’s been a while since I fell into the “just one more row” fun/challenge side of knitting and I want to stay here!


7 thoughts on “Help me keep loving this!

  1. Dawn, thanks! I’m thinking that is going to be the key to the happiness of the people around me. Would you use stitch markers with a pattern like this when the rows get longer?
    PS. Love your sunflower pic!

  2. When I knit lace I use stitch markers like they’re going out of style. No, really. My knitting group picks on me for it. I at *least* put stitch markers in at every pattern repeat (this works unless you have a pattern that “moves” around, then it gets just tedious, ask me how I know. ;P). I tend to not be so big on the lifelines, but that’s because I use so many stitch markers I know I made a mistake at the end of that pattern repeat and can tink back. However, when I’m starting a new chart or section I’ll usually throw a lifeline in just for my peace of mind that if it toally doesn’t work or I misread instructions or whatever I have that safety. Good luck!

    • Great points Amanda! This pattern is not very repetative, which is great for keeping my mind enganged but a tiny bit overwhelming too. I love that your knitting group picks on you for your use of SM’s!

  3. The Calamity Jane is looking LOVELY! Would it help you to put stitch markers more often for your counting? for complex pattern, that’s my saving grace, even if they are just temporary for a few rows as opposed to permanent ones that stay throughout. 🙂

  4. Thanks!! The only problem I started to encounter with SM’s is that the pattern doesn’t repeat and it tends to “move” if that makes sense. But I think I’m going to have to try to find a way to make it work. I’m only on 62 stitches per row right now and when I get to the larger end I don’t think I will want to count it every…single…time…

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