Seattle Sun, Random Spinning, and White Blood Cell Counts

Ok, I am admittedly hyper because we have sun in Seattle for the second time this week.  Somehow, I’ve managed a great balance between work, family time, spinning, and knitting.  The area that’s killing me is running and yoga.  Can someone please give me one more hour to the day?

On the spinning side of things, I have been enjoying my SIPness (spinning in public), but that will be saved for another post.  I’ve also been spinning my heart out for my current betiko project, and I gotta say..I like the way it’s going!  The hubby and I work at the same humanitarian relief organization, so we carpool to work, which means car knitting time for me…and spinning in the early mornings/evenings.  Not a bad deal.  Here’s the latest pic of the WIP.  90% of it is a wool/angora mix, but I am anticipating running out by the bottom border, so I spun up some extra BFL yesterday to get me through and ready for my trip tomorrow.

And about that…I’m headed to Chicago for some quality time with my mom.  Since this blog is so new, I know I don’t have many readers yet, but if you are reading and can cast some positive thoughts/prayers our way, that would be awesome.  In the near future, my mom is having a bone biopsy for a dangerously low white blood cell count, and we are praying that it’s not cancer.  I’m happy to have this time to spend with her while she’s in limbo and not knowing, and this time is going to open new doors for us in our relationship.  If she’s cancer free, I’ll be grateful for the reminder that life is short and we need to grab our loved ones close while we can.  If not..I’ll just hold on to her with all my heart.

Thanks for reading while I put this out there..

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